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Enjoy your moment in SDC activities..

Enjoy the activities Sand Delight Camp offers…

Camel ride in the desert Camel riding

  1. camel riding 1 Hr. with sunset + sunrise.
  2. full day camel ride with stay between sands dunes with sleep under stars (as includes Bedouin Dinner& Breakfast + soft drinks and guide).
  3. camel ride 10 around sands dunes.

Adventure Desert

adventure dune bashing with sunset & sunrise.

adventure between the soft dunes with a Bedouin heart, sweeping the vast landscape, embracing the music in the wind in a unique experience that reveals the mysteries of the desert. Awaken your spirit of adventure and live the explorer’s dream with A walking tour and 4WD adventure of the desert.

Sandboarding in the dunes

Sandboarding in the dunes is absolutely amazing! The sand here is so soft and so warm, and the view is simply stunning!

Romantic candle dinner top of the dunes

Look no further than this romantic candle dinner at the base of the dunes. The dates will be sure to love the romance of this so special night. Romantic candle dinner top of the dunes is breathtaking.

Half day or full day desert safari with 4*4 jeep

The desert safari is the best way to enjoy an afternoon in the desert. Explore the sand dunes, the beautiful scenery, and the spectacular views from the top of these sand dunes.

Highking & tracking tour in dessert

Take a Highking & tracking tour on the dessert where you can explore the local culture and desert life. We offer a variety of tours for all ages, so you can take a trip with your family or friends!

Wild camping tour in desert

Wild camping in the desert is one of the most amazing things you have ever done. Imagine, sleeping under the stars, with nothing but sand for miles and miles. Camping in the desert is so wonderful.